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Curtis is an endorsed artiste with Ibanez, Fret King, Fractal Audio, Dimarzio,

Matrix Amplification and Westone Audio


Live performance PA is supplied by HK Audio courtesy Of JHS Garforth UK


Custom pics supplied by  The pickfactory, Nashville USA


In ear monitoring supplied by Westone Audio



Ibanez jem 7v

Ibanez Jem 7bsb

Ibanez Jem 77p

Ibanez Ep10 Acoustic

Ernie Ball Luke 3 BFR

Fret King Country Squire

Vintage V6M24

Vintage V6


Effects & Amplification

Eventide H3000 Harmoniser

Fractal Audio Axe Fx III

Fractal Audio FM3

Fractal Audio FC-6 Controller

Fractal Audio EV-2 Expression Pedals

Morley-Little Alligator Pedal

Morley - Bad Horsie II

Matrix GT1000FX

Zilla Custom 2 x 12 Cabinets



D'Addario XL 120+

Dean Markley Phosphour bronze 11's



Korg X5D

Korg Triton Studio

Roland Fantom XR

M-Audio Key Station Pro 88



Sennheiser G4 Series Radio Mics

Line 6 Relay Guitar Systems

LD Systems Mei1000



Behringer Xair Products

Steinberg Cubase 10

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